Selected talks and presentations related to Inequality Kills Us All

Stephen Bezruchka has done many talks on Alternative Radio which are broadcast on over 200 radio stations around the world.  His first ten talks on the right can be listened to on the website scrolling down towards the bottom.

  • Health and Wealth 2003
  • From Womb to Tomb 2005
  • Damaged Care 2006
  • Is America Driving You Crazy? (also on YouTube) 2006
  • Capitalism and Health 2009
  • Dying Younger Than We Should? 2010
  • Towards a Healthier Society 2011
  • In Sickness and in Wealth 2016
  • Making America Healthy Again 2017
  • Economic Inequality Kills 2018

The last six have been on COVID-19. The audio and transcripts are available in six folders. Topics include Social Murder & COVID-19 as well as the Human Cancer in the COVID-19 era.

He has done two TedX talks, one at Benaroya Hall

and another on July 12, 2018 at UW’s Kane Hall.

He has appeared on Democracy Now as well as Moral Politics.

He delivered the 2017 Gelfand Lecture on Health and Health Care: What’s the difference.

There he donned a gas mask to present economic inequality as a colorless, odorless, highly toxic gas that kills us from the usual conditions we die from.

He discussed War and Health at a conference in 2010.

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